Hi, I'm Nife Oluyemi


I am a passionate software developer with experience applying computing concepts to solve real world problems and adding value to the lives of others.

I have experience ranging from coding, design, software architecture, content curation and entrepreneurship. I'm a big fan and advocate of user-centered design


I also write on Quora and Medium. Check out my graphic design work on Behance


My Projects

Here is a preview of some of my projects. To view more click here

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ScrumPost: Daily Check-In for Teams

Team status updates can be written, flexible and anti-interruptive. 

ScrumPost handles Daily Check-Ins for your team. This application will allow for asynchronous status updates from you and your team members that is both independent of time and space.


A web application utilizing blockchain technology to foster transparency in the supply chain process of moving goods between retailers and related parties.

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Workbag is an online board for contract jobs that allows Contract Workers/Freelancers find contract jobs around the world that only require them to work for a specific amount of time.


I am using my articulating skills to help job seekers better improve their resumés.