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We are what we Create

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Project Spectacle

Spectacle is a web application that enable students to create simple portfolios to showcase their projects to recruiters for internship placement.

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Supply Block Chain

A web application utilizing blockchain technology to foster transparency in the supply chain process of moving goods between retailers and related parties.

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Scrumpost: Online (Stand-up) Scrum Meeting

Team status updates can be written, flexible and anti-interruptive. 

ScrumPost handles Daily Check-Ins for your team. This application will allow for asynchronous status updates from you and your team members that is both independent of time and space.

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Search Engine

A search engine built using data structures and algorithms in java to search for keywords from 200+ offline pages. 

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PlatoHub (Minimum Viable Product)

Platohub is a service that curates the best talent and use the best technologies to create compelling softwares for entreprenuers providing solutions to many problems facing the world today.

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Workbag is an online board for contract jobs that allows Contract Workers/Freelancers find contract jobs around the world that only require them to work for a specific amount of time.

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Petitiona.Org is an application that facilitates two-way interaction between Citizens and Public Service Providers. Through this platform, Citizens can actively participate by demanding the changes they want to see.

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Memorizr ( /Memorizer/ ) 

A memo dispatch software that provide a simple and organized way to manage, collate, audit and search through an organization's memo records. Memorizr automates the logbook process of recording memos for proper storage and efficiency.

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Mind Of The Other: User Experience Designer

Mind Of The Other is a social community where girls and guys can ask questions and share their opinions to help better understand each other and then find answers.


IvanaSketch: WireFraming Papers

A service that provides wireframing templates for mobile, tablet and web applications to enable user interface designers rapidly sketch their ideas and easily communicate them with concerned parties.