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PlatoHub (Minimum Viable Product)

Ideas are good, Execution is better.

Platohub is a service that curates the best talent and use the best technologies to create compelling softwares for entrepreneurs providing solutions to many problems facing the world today.

Individuals or companies explain their project idea in detail (A full NDA on Intellectual Property is guaranteed), then based on the projects we've worked on, technologies to be used and amount of talent needed to work on the project, Platohub generates an upfront quotation of pricing specific to your project type and features – no project is too big or small.

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The website was built with ASP.NET Core, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and AJAX. The application was hosted on amazon AWS.

I served as a co-founder, UI and UX developer on this project. I was also responsible for estimating development costs and development timeline for incoming projects.