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As a software engineer, i’ve had my fair share of team status meetings and how it’s effective for people within teams (not restricted to tech) to communicate their progress (daily). However, these meetings can cut into productivity time, and team members hardly remember what another has said making it a waste of time in several cases.  

Team status updates can be written, flexible and anti-interruptive. 

Over the last few months i’ve worked on an application called ScrumPost for communicating daily progress within teams. ScrumPost handles Daily Check-Ins for your team. This application will allow for asynchronous status updates from you and your team members that is both independent of time and space.

ScrumPost tries to answer the following question from each member of the team:

  1. What you did yesterday?

  2. What you will be doing today? and

  3. Are there any blocks/impediments in your way?


With the help of Google forms, LinkedIn and Email marketing I was able to gain a little over a hundred (100) signups in the first two days.


ScrumPost was built using C#, Javascript, ASP.NET Web API, AngularJS, Microsoft SQL Server and hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Visit the web application