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Search Engine

This project was done in partial fulfillment for the Advanced Computing Concepts. The aim of the project was to allow students apply the concepts learned in class to a real system such as a Web search engine. This was a group project of five (5) members, and I took the role of the lead developer.

A Search Engine that crawls through a finite number of offline web pages converted to text files using the JSoup's HTMLtoText class, and make comparisons for the words using pattern matching and build a dictionary of word frequency using a hashMap. The QuickSelect selection algorithm to sort the data stored in the hashMap in terms of the word frequencies associated each files. We also implemented a splay tree to keep track of recent searches


  • Java
  • Java SWING (GUI)
  • Ecclipse

Data Structures and Algorithms Implemented

  • Tries (Symbol tree)
  • Pattern Matching (Java regex)
  • QuickSelect (Sorting)
  • HashMap (Key, Value)
  • SplayTree