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A web application utilizing blockchain technology to foster transparency in the supply chain process of moving goods between retailers and related parties.

In supply chain, because communication is only between related parties, we decide to implement a Permissioned (private) Blockchain.

In public blockchain, there is a proof of work used to validate the data trying to be added to distributed ledger. This is the process of blockchain mining, where un-mined transaction is validate before being added to the chain. However, in the case of supply chain the security promises of distributed ledgers and legitimacy of the blockchain are only as good as the honesty of the entities validating the transactions, so we decided to automatically mine the transactions as they are being inputted by the user and immediately add it to the blockchain.

The chain was represented as JSON object.

Technologies used:

1. Python 3.6

2. PyCharm

3. Flask

4. SQLAlchemy

7. SQLite


9. Conda (Virtual Environment)